Dana's road to a novated lease

I needed to upgrade my old car. I wanted a new car with extra features.

Dana’s road to a novated lease involved an old car and her desire to replace it with a new car including extra features. 

‘I decided to take out a novated lease, to replace an existing older car that was no longer functioning,’ says Dana. ‘It was just coming to the end of its lifespan.’

Since starting her novated lease, Dana is experiencing the convenience and comfort of a new car.  ‘The new car is definitely more reliable,’ says Dana. ‘It’s more enjoyable to drive, for every reason including the air conditioning, sound system and cruise control.’

A new car wasn’t the only benefit that Dana enjoyed as part of her novated lease. ‘Petrol, car washes, insurance, all those sorts of things are part of the car repayments,’ explains Dana. ‘Then my budget is the amount that is remaining.’ 

Dana’s novated lease has also assisted her with opportunities that were previously challenging with her old car. ‘Salary packaging a novated lease has allowed me to make commitments to drive long distances and know it will be more enjoyable.’

‘A novated lease made it really easy to manage car costs.’

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