Keith's road to a novated lease

Car expenses were stressful.  We needed a back-up plan.

‘The budgeting with a novated lease is so much easier.’

Keith’s road to a novated lease involved an old, unreliable car and a long commute to work - with car expenses that were stacking up fast.

‘I had a very old car that was about 20 years old,’ explains Keith. ‘I was probably paying out more in keeping it running than what I should have, but of course, we didn’t have the money.’

Keith’s work colleague had tried novated leasing and explained the benefits to him. ‘I thought, well this is one way of getting a new car,’ explains Keith. ‘You’ve got a new vehicle, you’ve minimised a bit of tax, you’ve got the support mechanisms and the money is coming out of your account to pay all of the expenses for the vehicle.’ 

After getting his first novated lease, Keith quickly noticed the benefits. ‘It’s just knowing that you’ve got the back-up and not having those bills, like the registration, insurance and servicing costs coming out of your bank account at the time they hit,’ explains Keith. ‘You’ve got the money in the lease, so the money that’s being taken out of your wage is unseen, so to speak.’

Keith’s road to a novated lease started over 10 years ago. Today, Keith is enjoying his fourth novated lease with Maxxia. ‘The advantages of having a novated lease,’ explains Keith. ‘It was a no brainer!’

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