Maxxia Workplace Insights is resource providing actionable insights for not-for-profit HR leaders, NFP HR managers and recruitment staff across employee engagement, staff retention, attraction and employee benefits.

As part of this, Maxxia has led a research initiative, Workplace Insights Not-for-Profit Sentiment Study, to provide greater insights into the needs, attitudes and behaviours of NFP employees. In partnership with key human resource experts, Workplace Insights provides relevant and meaningful solutions for the NFP sector. Learn more about the benefits of this report below.

About the Workplace Insights Not-for-Profit Sentiment Study

Maxxia commissioned one of Australia’s largest and most respected market and social research firms, Sweeney Research, to conduct the Maxxia Workplace Insights Not-for-Profit Sentiment Study.

Maxxia’s study focuses on the topic of employee engagement within Australia’s vital NFP sector, analysing the sentiments and intentions of those who work within it, and those that employ them. Importantly, the study also canvassed the broader Australian workforce (referred to as the ‘total workforce’ or ‘broader workforce’ in the study), enabling a like-for-like comparison with the NFP sector.

Maxxia’s study provides a new perspective on:

Sweeney Research spoke to a total of 2,108 people across Australia in both quantitative and qualitative research to establish the views of employers and employees within the NFP sector, as well as the broader Australian workforce.

Maxxia, as part of the McMillan Shakespeare Group, has been a trusted workplace benefit services partner for more than 20 years, supporting many prominent NFP health, aged care and charity organisations, in effectively maximising their employees’ take home pay. As such, we take an active interest in the sector and are keen to gain greater insights into the needs, attitudes and behaviours of its people.


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